Tailor-Made Mobile Apps

Develop your custom mobile app or effortlessly integrate cryptocurrency payments into your existing one. With Cryptpay, we simplify app-based crypto transactions, enriching your mobile experience.

Crypto Meets Traditional Finance

Merge the world of cryptocurrencies with traditional finance seamlessly. Cryptpay enables the smooth coexistence of diverse financial systems, fostering adaptability in your business operations.

Zero Fees Within Your Ecosystem

With Cryptpay, enjoy 0% commissions on crypto transactions within your ecosystem. Our commitment to providing value extends to facilitating cost-efficient exchanges, maximizing your returns.

Revolutionizing Industries with Crypto Solutions

Cryptpay, the dynamic cryptocurrency service, is transforming industries with its all-in-one Crypto Box. It enables secure crypto processing and effortless integration of cryptocurrency transactions in e-commerce, hosting services, and FX brokerage. Its robust framework supports smooth admin panel for ICO operations, and in the gaming and gambling sector, it provides swift, secure crypto transactions. Discover the power of our cryptocurrency services and how Cryptpay can revolutionize your industry.

Card Processing

Using Cryptpay, securely accept and process card payments in conjunction with cryptocurrency transactions. Enhance your financial flexibility and cater to a wider audience.


Use Cryptpay for seamless and secure ICO/DAICO/STO/SAFT transactions. Enhance investor confidence with robust security, transparency, and ease of transaction.

Forex Broker

As an Forex broker, leverage Cryptpay to accept and manage cryptocurrency payments. Enhance your offerings with cryptocurrency assets, catering to a broader range of clients.


Integrate Cryptpay into your gaming or gambling platform for secure and swift cryptocurrency transactions. Enhance user experience with fast, anonymous, and secure deposits and withdrawals.

Hosting Provider

Cryptpay facilitates easy and secure cryptocurrency transactions for hosting services. Simplify payment processes, enhance security, and provide an additional payment avenue for your clients.


Integrate Cryptpay into your e-commerce platform for seamless cryptocurrency transactions. Open your marketplace to the global digital economy and enhance customer convenience.

Unleash Potential with Cryptpay Solutions

Cryptpay is not just a tool, it's a foundation for innovative services. Built with flexibility and customization in mind, our software can serve as a basis for various cryptocurrency-oriented applications. From creating a cryptocurrency exchange, crowdfunding platform, to establishing a crypto lending service, the potential with Cryptpay is limitless.

Build Your Crypto Exchange

Leverage Cryptpay's advanced technology to develop your cryptocurrency exchange. Our software provides the secure and efficient foundation you need to create a trustworthy, user-friendly trading platform.

Enable Crypto Crowdfunding

Utilize Cryptpay to create a unique crypto crowdfunding platform. Our robust software solutions can be tailored to facilitate secure, efficient, and compliant fundraising in cryptocurrency.

Launch a Crypto Lending Platform

Setting up a cryptocurrency lending platform becomes a streamlined process. Our software provides the infrastructure necessary for implementing secure, reliable, and seamless lending services.

Cryptpay, our customizable crypto software solution, empowers your business by providing a secure, compliant, and seamless cryptocurrency processing system. Whether you're seeking to broaden your payment options, explore new markets, or enhance operational efficiency, Cryptpay is your partner in navigating the digital economy. With Cryptpay, you gain control over a tailored digital currency ecosystem, unlocking the potential of blockchain for your business. Let's redefine the boundaries of your business together - join the Cryptpay family today.


$ 10 000
  • Setup Fee $30 000
  • All from STANDARD
  • TRON (TRC-20 Tether)
  • AdminPanel Desktop/Mobile App


$5 000
  • Setup Fee $10000
  • Bitcoin, Litecoin
  • SCI (Shopping Cart Interface)
  • Admin area