CryptPay - your crypto universe

CryptPay is a digital asset store with its own ecosystem of crypto products, where you will find the services you need to effectively develop any crypto business and quickly serve your customers.

Our solution is a symbiosis of a cryptocurrency bank, a payment system and a payment gateway (merchant service) for accepting payments in cryptocurrencies. On the Cryptpay platform, we have combined all the functionality required by both the user and the merchant in one ecosystem.

Built on the basis of a modular architecture, our system also allows you to implement support for almost any cryptocurrency in the shortest possible time. At the moment, we have implemented support for cryptocurrencies from the top list by capitalization according to CoinMarketCap, as well as forks of major cryptocurrencies such as Bitcoin, Ethereum, Litecoin, DashPay, DogeCoin.

Our goal is to simplify all fundamental business processes for a merchant as much as possible: from using separate functions for storing funds and processing payments, to deploying your own business using our crypto platform.

The mission of Cryptpay is to make operations for storing, receiving and exchanging crypto-assets fast and convenient, and most importantly - within one platform. A separate advantage of this solution is the absence of commissions in transactions between participants within the ecosystem, as well as the high speed of transactions.

Today, Cryptpay is also working on creating an API that will become the core of the CryptStore ecosystem and will allow integrating cryptocurrency businesses (exchangers, shops, and marketplaces) onto our platform;