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Who We Are

CryptPay is a digital asset store with its own ecosystem of crypto products, where you will find the services you need to effectively develop any crypto business and quickly serve your customers.


A solution that is a symbiosis of a cryptocurrency bank, a payment system, and a payment gateway (merchant service) for accepting payments and making payments in cryptocurrencies, stimulates the development of its ecosystem.

our mission

Make operations for storing, receiving, and exchanging crypto-assets fast and convenient, and most importantly - within the same platform. A separate advantage of this solution is the absence of commissions in transactions between participants within the ecosystem, as well as the high speed of transactions.

Platform features

Our solution is a symbiosis of a cryptocurrency bank, a payment system, and a payment gateway (merchant service) for accepting payments and making payments in cryptocurrencies. On the CryptPay platform, we have combined all the functionality needed by both the user and the merchant in one ecosystem.

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The Cryptpay wallet embodies the optimal balance of security and usability. With it, you can easily use your funds, while their storage remains absolutely safe. Flexible and multi-level configuration of all options will satisfy the request of even the most demanding users, and our cold storage will provide the most reliable protection for your assets.


We use a combination of solutions designed to ensure maximum security: there is no possibility of negative operations in the system; our system uses NoSQL, which eliminates the SQL-injection attack vector; the system core is implemented as a monolithic executable file, which eliminates the inheritance of PHP/Node.js/Python vulnerabilities and related libraries; we refused to interact with third-party libraries, and the interaction of the system core and cryptocurrency warpers located, as a rule, on separate servers is implemented de facto with double encryption (SSHTunel+SSL), which practically eliminates attacks like MitM (Monkey in the Middle)

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Instant funds transfer

A unique feature of the system is internal instant transfers within the system without commission. The solution significantly saves time for broadcasting a transaction to the public Blockchain and waiting for transaction confirmation, also providing the ability to spend funds immediately after the transfer.

Transfer of funds within the ecosystem without commission

To realize its mission, the CryptPay team has canceled all transaction fees within the ecosystem. This step, combined with instant transactions, gives our clients the opportunity to focus on developing their business, and we will make payments even more comfortable than the usual banking payment services.

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